School Council


Through the School Council pupils have the opportunity to contribute to School improvement through the discussion of issues that are important to them and the communication and presentation, to staff and other pupils, of them.

The Council gives pupils a platform from which they can join together, speak out and be heard. It provides staff involved in decision-making in School with a very valuable consultation group through which pupil opinion can be gauged on a variety of pupil issues and it also allows pupils to gain experience of the work of management in School.

It nurtures the free flow of ideas and opinions between pupils and staff thereby promoting communication, co-operation and enhanced understanding, not only between staff and pupils but also between different year groups.

School Council Committee Members
2016 – 2017

Year 8

Aoife Fisher

Stephen Lyster

Megan Wilson

Year 9

Hannah Brady

Joel Parker

Noah Poots

Year 10

Hannah Le Seelleur

Lara Poole

Dominic Wilson

Year 11

Max Gillespie

Rachel Kennedy

Cara McEwen

Year 12

Jamie Allison

Joshua Lindsay

Oliver Saunders

Year 13

Lauren Boomer

Mark Johnston

Joseph Le Seelleur

Year 14

Hannah Al-Qaryooti

Anna McDermott

Rebecca McNeill