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Welcome to the Religious Studies department at Friends' School Lisburn.






We aim to develop an awareness of the Christian faith and the variations within it. We also promote an appreciation of other world religions. Our young people are encouraged to develop their own beliefs in an atmosphere of tolerance, understanding and mutual respect.

RS, by the nature of its content and concepts, requires that it be presented in a thoughtful and sensitive manner. Teachers recognise that pupils come to class not as isolated individuals, but as members of a social, political and religious community. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that each young person’s view is respected. This development of respect for our fellow man, our community, our environment and of course self-respect is a high priority in the teaching of RS at Friends’.

In all areas of RS the department seeks to:

◾Promote in pupils the desire to reach their academic potential.

◾Prepare pupils for life outside school.

◾Encourage an appreciation of the environment and to develop positive attitudes towards their well being and that of others.


The department encourages pupils to aspire to do their best and achieve their best.

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