Who are we?
The Parent Teacher Association of Friends’ School Lisburn is a registered charity (NI Charity Registration Number 101091) and its membership consists of every parent of a child at Friends’ School Lisburn, both Preparatory Department and Grammar School, who has paid the annual membership fee. A board of trustees is responsible for the management of the registered charity and trustees are elected annually at the AGM, which is held at the start of the school year. The board of trustees comprises 11 parent trustees and 6 teacher trustees from across the entire school community. The board convenes on a monthly basis to discuss various items of business.


What do we do?

The purpose of the PTA is to advance the education of the pupils at Friends’ School Lisburn by providing and assisting in the enhancement of facilities at the school. The PTA also organises social and other events to promote good relations between staff and parents, and to promote the wellbeing of pupils.

Funds are raised through PTA membership fees, as well as through a number of social events that we organise throughout the year.  As well as raising funds, these social events also strengthen the sense of community within the school, which is something that we see as a vital role of the PTA. In addition, we provide support and assistance at other school events when required.

How do you become a member of the PTA committee?
The board of trustees is elected at the AGM. If you are interested in joining the board, you can either nominate yourself or be nominated by someone in the weeks leading up to the AGM. All nominations will then be considered at the AGM election is by secret ballot of the members present at the Meeting. The 11 parent nominations and 5 teacher nominations with the most votes will become the newly elected board of trustees for the ensuing school year. The Principal of the school holds the position of President of the PTA and is the sixth teacher trustee.


Can you help the work of the PTA if you’re not a trustee?

Yes! The trustees welcome support from all of the members of the PTA. There are many ways in which members can support the trustees: helping out at school concerts and events, providing contacts or expertise in everything from print and design to book keeping, event planning and serving tea and coffee at various events. If you are interested in providing assistance, all you need to do is let us know. Simply click on the link below and tell us how you would like to help and which event you would like to help with.

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Annual General Meeting

 The Annual General Meeting of the PTA was held on 19 September 2017 at Friends' School Lisburn.  The Chair's Report may be downloaded here.

 The 2017/2018 Committee was elected at the AGM and is made up of the following trustees:

Committee  2017/2018

 Stephen Moore (Principal)            President

Simon Leech (Parent)                   Chair

Fiona Butterly (Parent)                  Secretary

Margaret Morgan (Parent)             Treasurer

Staff Trustees

Parent Trustees

Kathryn Archbold

Fiona Brogan-Quinn

Ciara Lowe

Martin Grimley

Leigh Lunn

Emma Lockhart

Ivor Monaghan

Ruairi McNaughton

Clare Monteith

Barry Mageean


Louise McNeill


Judith Rowan


Meaghan Sinclair

2016/2017 PTA Funds Allocation

 We are extremely grateful for all the support that the PTA received over the 2016/2017 school year. As a result of this generous support, we were able to allocate the funds raised across the entire school, to the benefit of both the Prep and the Grammar schools. Over the 2017/2018 school year and with the continued support of the school community, we hope to, once again, contribute to our children’s education by assisting the school to further improve the resources and facilities available to all scholars.

The 2016/2017 funds were allocated as follows:

Total funds raised: £18,421

 Funds Allocated and Utilised

AV/Sound Equipment                                             £11,000

Prep School Workshops                                         £780

Tackle Bags for Rugby Department                        £560

Portable PA System                                                £500

School Mini Bus Contribution                                £2,500

Total                                                                     £15,340

Funds Allocated and Still to be Utilised

Covered Bike Rack for Prep Department                    £600

Tall Fridge for Economics Dept                                   £500
Saddle Cloths & Logo for Equestrian Team                £230
Basketball Boards, Ring, Net & Wall                           £751

Mounting Brackets  
School Council                                                         £1,000

Total                                                                          £3,081