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    Friends’ is one of nine Quaker schools in Britain and Ireland and shares a common heritage with each of them. Although the School has grown and changed since its foundation in 1774, the Quaker belief in care for the individual and in the importance of the development of each person's potential remains central to our ethos and helps us to cater successfully for the different traditions in the Lisburn area. We hope you enjoy exploring our website and finding out more about what goes on in School. Stephen Moore, Principal

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Welcome to the Geography department  at Friends' School Lisburn.






To give pupils an opportunity to:

  • develop and apply pupils’ understanding of geographical concepts and processes tounderstand and interpret our changing world
  • develop their awareness of the complexity of interactions within and between societies, economies, cultures and environments at scales from local to global;
  • develop as global citizens who recognise the challenges of sustainability and the implications for their own and others’ lives •improve as critical and reflective learners aware of the importance of attitudes and values, including their own
  • become adept in the use and application of skills and new technologies through their
  • geographical studies both in and outside the classroom
  • be inspired by the world around them, gain enjoyment and satisfaction from their geographical studies and understand their relevance.

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