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The 36 Division’s sector of the Somme battlefield.  Thiepval Wood is just visible on the right
The 36 Division’s sector of the Somme battlefield. Thiepval Wood is just visible on the right

This part of the Friends’ School website contains the History Department’s Great War Archive. It consists of a number of photographs e.g. of memorials and cemeteries, a selection of letters, a series of articles and a diary relating to Ulster men and women who were affected by the war. Copies of all of these can be downloaded.

However, the central feature of the archive is a database and casualty list of those from the Lisburn area who died in the War. The two contain essentially the same information only in different formats. There are over 900 entries with details of where these people came from, the units they served in, where and when they died and where they are buried or commemorated. In addition there are a series of tasks for pupils to complete. The database can be interrogated using the online search facility while the casualty list can be downloaded as a Word document and searched using the Find command on the Edit menu.

Compiling the information contained in these documents has been a long drawn out process. It began in the mid 1980's and is ongoing. While the results are presented here as an educational resource, its primary purpose has always been more straightforward - simply to tell a little about local people whose lives were touched by the Great War. People whose existence has been largely forgotten, people who were part of our community but were also part of a tragedy played out on an international stage. This is ultimately an act of commemoration.

Pat Geary, History Department, Friends' School, Lisburn.

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